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A Force Behind The Cause

Creating Freedom from Sexual Exploitation & Human Trafficking through awareness & education

Its purpose to its very core of both its founder and its team is to bring light into the dark world of human trafficking through our voices and commitment to speak out.  We commit to spreading awareness and fostering an understanding to the general public that human slavery is really happening in today's society.  We are dedicated to the mission of educating ourselves so that we are better equipped to educate others. 

We will not be quiet of the turmoil of today's modern day slavery, we will No longer look the other way.


The Hard Truth

The statistics surrounding human trafficking are alarming. Check out some of the hard truths to face below:

There are more than 27 million slaves in the world today. 

The average age that someone first becomes a victim is 12 years old. 

A typical week for its victims is being forced to services 40 to 100 customers a day.

Human slavery is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world generating more than $150 billion dollars every year